Xtreme Corto Film Festival -eng-

XCFF comes from an idea of ​​Ale D'Emilia and Alberto Gottardo, within the organization of Xtreme Days Festival, in 2018.

A Festival to discover new young talents in the world of cinema and video art, born within the Xtreme Days Festival to enhance the short cinematographic work created by independent authors, young creatives and professionals who love to travel, explore and learn new cultures.

The main theme will be "the exploration" that this is in sport, extreme or even simply shown as a main feature to face a journey, to make a film, to accomplish something that until that moment had not yet been realized. shorts will be selected by a jury of industry professionals and will be divided into three categories: Sport & Adventure / Culture & Society / Man & Exploration.



He graduated in architecture, practicing the profession for years, working at the same time as a journalist-photographer, specialized in travel, adventure and extreme sports. At the beginning of the 80s, he abandoned architecture to devote himself full time to cinematography. As a director and filmmaker, he has designed television series dedicated to extreme sports for Istituto Luce, Fininvest and RAI (Sector No Limits, Point Break, Jonathan: Adventure Size, The Mountain World ...). He produces and signs several industrial films, multimedia projects, commercials, travel documentaries, tourism and films on "extreme" sports. Among these we remember the extreme ski movies "The wall that is not there", "The time machine" and "Face to face". In addition, "Water, clouds and peaks" the world's first climbing film shot in China, "Buildering" (conceived and directed by the director himself): the film that launched Alain Robert's career as a high-rise climber; "Climbing in Thailand" with François Legrand and "Jim Bridwell: the Yosemite living legend". He has translated and collaborated, with various chapters, to the writing of the book "The Bird" on the life and the adventures of the Californian climber Jim Bridwell. In 2012 a project (Alfonso Vinci: the film of an adventurous life) ends on the life and adventures of Alfonso Vinci: mountaineer, partisan, geologist and scholar who discovered the largest diamond field in Venezuela in Venezuela, he explored the basin of High Orinoco filming the meeting with some tribes hitherto unknown of Indians. In 2017 he turns and signs the Institutional Film of C.A.I. on texts not his own. He lives and works in the province of Milan (Italy) His films have won dozens of international awards in major world festivals.


He was born in Rome in 1988. Life led him to live elsewhere, mainly in the mountains, in the heart of the Dolomites, in Misurina. Here he becomes a ski instructor and a lover of climbing, slacklining and paragliding. Practicing these activities develops a strong interest in the audiovisual sector, in particular by always being fascinated by the mysteries of nature, unexplored places, different lifestyles and the thought of humanity. Travel every year as much as possible, following professional athletes, artists and documentary projects all over the world. In 2016 he graduated as director of photography at Zelig, a documentary school in Bolzano.

In 2003 he founded Bapufilm, a production company specialized in shooting outdoor sports and creating documentary style television formats. Since 2007 he has collaborated with Zoofactory and National Geographic, making documentaries in different parts of the world. Mountain enthusiast is among the first in Italy to use drones to tell his projects from a new point of view. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY / DRON DRIVER / PRODUCER / BITCOIN SUPPORTER


Massimo Braconi, nicknamed Brac, is an international mountain reference: professional freerider, high altitude mountaineer, telemaker and expert traveler. Thanks to the stories, called the Diari del Brac, it is possible to discover the beauty of nature from the point of view of an athlete who deeply loves his sport.


Art historian, has curated exhibitions, wrote books on pioneers of mountaineering, and rediscovered the figures of Napoleon Cozzi and Belsazar Hacquet. Journalist since 2007, collaborates among other things with Radio RAI as author and presenter and with Il Giornale dell'arte, Messaggero Veneto, Meridiani Montagne writing about culture, art and mountains. He practiced athletics, rock and dance and still practicing ski mountaineering.


Born and raised on the Renon Plateau (Bolzano), photography, nature and outdoor sports have always been his great passions. In the film industry he attended the "MOV! E IT" course for camera assistant, then expanding the experience on the set as a "grip-assistant". In 2013 he was admitted to the ZELIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media, which he completed in 2016, with a diploma film "HIDDEN PHOTOS" filmed in Cambodia, of which he is director of photography, awarded as best film to various international film festivals. He currently works as a camera / DoP operator for documentaries, short films, video advertising and music, specializing in aerial photography with drones. The research and the desire to broaden its knowledge is constantly evolving, with particular regard to the field of Documentary Film and aerial work.