The urban freestyle and xtreme sport festival

The largest freestyle and extreme sports festival in an urban location in Italy

Xtreme Days is a great event, now in its sixth edition, which brings together in Sacile (PN) the greatest interpreters of freestyle and extreme sports. A party for all “no limits” disciplines and that attracts athletes, enthusiasts, curious and audience of any ages for all the weekend.

A 360 ° immersion in the world of outdoor, freestyle and extreme represented by the best performers in the international scene, but also an event to fully join actively with dozens of Workshops to try and Xtreme Xperience, with more than twenty different disciplines! Moreover testing technical materials, live concerts and the Street Food area, conferences and projections of adventure sports films.

Four days of full involvement, to decline the extreme in all its senses: SEE, TRY and FEEL. Four days of sport, culture, music, food and wine in the name of total fun.




Sacile: il Giardino della Serenissima

In the historic city center of Sacile you can experience the outdoors in a perfect combination of sport, art and nature.

All this will be surrounded by the historic city center of Sacile (PN), also known as the “Garden of the Serenissima” (or little Venice) for its beauty, and located in Friuli Venezia Giulia on the border with Veneto. A suggestive location, as unusual as ever, but which has made the Xtreme Days a unique festival: it is the only one to take part between contrade, ancient dwellings, parks, the river and all the corners of a city center. From the slacklines that cross Piazza del Popolo and the Livenza River to the street boulder on the historic buildings of the center, from parkour everywhere to acrobatic dives outside the door, from the flyboard on the Livenza River to the mix of freestyle disciplines of the evening Main Shows, entire parks transformed into adventure parks, relax areas and camping, and much more.

We are waiting for you!


Un festival che vive 365 giorni all'anno per diffondere cultura sportiva.