Alessandro Barbero

Bike freestyler

Alessandro Barbero was born on the 19th of April 1983. After he started to walk, he receives his first BMX as a gift. At the age of 3, he already bikes without wheels.
Until the age of 14 is very difficult for him to get a BMX since MTB dominates the pedal scene: he is forced to look for BMX ruins in the surrounding farms. Even when he receives a scooter as a gift, his love for BMX doesn’t leave him.

He continues to follow with interest this sport that in the meantime is evolving towards freestyle and thanks to the satellite TV, which broadcasts the X-Games, he discovers the spectacular evolutions possible with the BMX. His myth is Dave Mirra, the man of miracles. It is thanks to a friend that he decides to buy a BMX again. A flood was “enough” to start taking BMX seriously. The one that in 1994 hits Piedmont and devastates all the streets of his city that become natural ramps. In front of the school, Ale tries a “360” and succeeds on the first attempt. Since that, he has never stopped: he starts participating in the first Italian races and in 2003 he wins the Italian Championship.

Three years later, he reached ranked first in international competitions. He placed 1st at the Suzuki BMX Masters in Cologne in 2006, then the following year he was elected freestyler of the Year in Italy, he won the China X-Games, the T-Mobile contest in Berlin and the “Best Trick” at Hit The Target. In the following years, in addition to confirming himself among the undisputed leaders of the European scene, he began to make headway in America, home of the best BMX athletes in the world. He joins the Dew Tour, arriving in the final stages of Cleveland and Orlando.

In 2010 he won the FISE of Montpellier, an event considered among the best in the world, where he performed the trick he invented: the Italian Job. After a difficult 2012 due to various injuries, which kept him away from competitions, in 2013 Alessandro reconfirmed himself among the most talented in the world, obtaining the qualification in the BMX World Championships in Cologne.

He placed 2nd at the Red Bull Rich Ditchs in South Africa, 1st at the Poma Dirt Jump in Barcelona and 1st in Dirt at SA Beckjard Jam in Russia. In 2013, Alex is also known by the large TV audience by participating in the famous “Italia’s Got Talent” show. He became the first in the history of the program to perform outside: he wins the jury with his tricks (Maria De Filippi- Jerry Scotti-Rudy Zerbi) and Canale 5 audience, arriving in the final and winning the 5th place.

Qualsiasi cosa sia sport, quasiasi cosa ti faccia sentire vivo… è una figata!